Hi Everyone,

As you may have heard, Meetup (a subsidiary of Wework) has announced that it plans to roll out changes to its pricing structure. Attendees will have to pay $2 each time they RSVP to an event, or the organizers have the option of keeping the events free but would then have to pay the $2 fee for every person attending.

So far Meetup is only testing this new pricing model with certain groups on the site, so Geekalicious is unaffected for the time being.

We started this group 6 years ago with the intentions of giving geeky people the spaces and opportunities to meet and make friends in a big city where it can be very difficult to meet people with like-minded interests.

We have always striven to make events free and accessible to all. This new pricing structure would make having events financially prohibitive for everyone and is completely at odds with the spirit of the group.

For the time being we will continue hosting the group through Meetup, as it is possible that Meetup may repeal this new price structure. As a precaution, we are currently looking for alternative platforms to continue hosting events should Meetup follow through with these changes.

We will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses.

Thank you to all of our members old and new for being a part of this amazing community, and rest assured Geekalicious will continue to exist, whether on Meetup.com or elsewhere!

The Geekalicious Organizing Team